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Youth Pastor Thomas Mammen


Thomas Mammen is currently serving as the full time youth pastor at Grace Christian Assembly. He was born into a family of pastors, but encountered God on his own and received the calling to go into ministry early on in his life with the gift of visions. Pursuing his passion to serve God, he stepped up at his local church for music ministry and youth ministry at a young age and ever since has been working tirelessly for the upliftment of the younger population. He is immensely experienced in youth development and young adult leadership, especially in volatile cultural settings.

He has over a decade of experience leading worship teams, spearheading youth departments and VBS at small to medium scaled churches under his belt. He has also been an integral part of PYCD since 2013 serving in different official capacities such as Associate Coordinator (2016), Sports Director (2017), and Board member (2014, 2019). Aside from PYCD, he loves to go to mission trips to his native country of India and travels across North India preaching the Good News of the Gospel. He has also worked with ICPF since 2015 and been an integral part of the middle school ministry.

He is actually a third-generation pastor, following the legacy of his grandfather, Rev. Thomas Mammen, and his father, Rev. Ebby Mammen. He is currently finishing up his studies in counseling psychology and intends to pursue masters in theological education.

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